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        Moody Santa Cruz Beach Wedding + Elopement Inspiration at Panther Beach

        Santa Cruz has some of the most beautiful beaches and cliff-sides for intimate wedding and elopements. This is Panther Beach. The perfect spot if you are looking for stunning cliffs and a quality beach. It is a very easy walk to get to each cliff and a very short (slightly steep) walk down to the water. It is very accessible!

        Some tips at shooting at this location. The parking lot is in pretty rough shape and is right off of the busy road. Be careful walking or driving through! This wedding was in July, so if you come this time, expect some dryer terrain. If you come here in the spring, it will be covered in green and some yellow wildflowers. Check out my favorite flower field shoot here! The best time to shoot here would be an hour before sunset until 20 minutes after the sun goes down (you get the prettiest blue hour). If it happens to be overcast (like this day) I recommend shooting anytime before 4pm to get enough light!

        If you are considering eloping in Santa Cruz or having a Santa Cruz Beach Wedding , check out this ocean view venue. Or this perfect AirBnB right on the beach.

        What the couple said about their day: It was the perfect day!! So glad you could be a part of it and capture all of the memories!! AHH I’m so obsessed with the pics haha Jaxon and I are so grateful for you and that we have those special memories. We got a chance to show a bunch of his family and friends, and they were all SO blown away by your work. 


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