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        Natalie and Emmett were so great to work with!! I loved how they were open to all of my ideas while we were doing their downtown photoshoot! They were so playful and their entire session was filled with lots of laughs! It was so fun. You could really feel how in love they are. We ran all around downtown in Lincoln, CA and I loved the way these shots turned out! Take a look at these two cuties if you’re looking for photo shoot ideas for couples!

        Natalie & Emmett’s Romantic Night Out On The Town | Romantic Photo Shoot Ideas For Couples

        This romantic photoshoot at night was a concept I’ve had for a while, and I really wanted to try it out! I loved pushing myself creatively and fundamentally as we ran around in the night. As we walked around, I looked for places to frame my couple with surrounding light sources to illuminate them, and played with motion blur! We used lamp posts, string lights, and porch lights. It created such a romantic feeling. I had my ISO around 1200-2000 with my shutter anywhere from 1/50-1/350 then the aperture just do whatever to get the exposure. They came out to be so romantic and fun! So, if you’re looking for romantic photo shoot ideas for couples, definitely try out a downtown night photo shoot! The results were SO worth it!

        Couples downtown photoshoot in Lincoln CA for photo shoot ideas for couples

        Let’s start planning your own night romantic downtown photoshoot!

        Ready to plan your own romantic photoshoot downtown, or looking for more photo shoot ideas for couples? You’ll find them all here! You can check out my other blog post’s here for more inspiration, and if you want to book your own romantic photoshoot, fill out my contact form! Can’t wait to chat soon!

        Couples night photoshoot in downtown Lincoln, CA for photoshoot ideas for couples

        Amanda Photo Co | Northern California Wedding + Couples Photographer

        Check out more of this romantic session for inspiration for your next couples session!

        Couples downtown photoshoot in Lincoln CA for photo shoot ideas for couples
        Couple playing in the street for romantic night photoshoot in downtown Lincoln, CA
        Couple posing for romantic night photoshoot in downtown Lincoln, CA

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