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        Creative Senior Beach Photos

        Creative San Francisco Senior Photos at Baker Beach

        Alia was one of the most fun and creative senior photo sessions I have had! She was down to run up and down the beach doing all of the crazy things I suggested! I don’t usually do senior photos, but when Alia reached out last year, I just knew this session will be so fun and creative! I couldn’t pass it up! She chose to shoot at Baker beach! It was crowded with people for a weekend sunset. Luckily, she didn’t even let it faze her! We ran around and took SO MANY PHOTOS literally like no one was watching.

        How did I make blurry photos? The trick is all in the shutter speed! Put your shutter speed anywhere below 1/100th! You might need to push your aperture way up towards f10-13 depending on how bright your subject is. Make sure you or your subject is moving so that you can create the movement that your camera will be able to drag across the image for the fun affect!

        Best time to shoot at this beach! These creative senior photos were shot about an hour before the sunset all the way until blue hour set on this beach! The best is 30 minute before sunset or at sunrise. If you’re not a super experienced photographer, the direct light could be a fun challenge to play with for your next portrait session! You can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background beautifully illuminated by the sun. If you love beach sessions, check out my this Beach Elopement!

        What my client says about her photo session!

        “Working with Amanda was a DREAM!!! She made me feel so comfortable and confident while still feeling like myself throughout the process😊She is so passionate about her craft and it translated into a great shooting experience and an amazing gallery of photos! I literally love every single photo but the blurry ones are some of my favorites! Amanda is the sweetest, friendliest person and I can’t wait to work with her again!”


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