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        fun outdoor engagement photos

        if you are wanting timeless + unique wedding photos, you are in the right place.

        I swear we have all said the words- "I [we] are so awkward in front of the camera". I think we can all connect to believing this to be true. The one thing that truly tips that belief right over is expertise and connection. Years of observing couples and connections have given me the ability to create a comfortable space for all my clients. Sessions don't feel like a daunting task with me. They are fun, energetic and filled with the story of your love.

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        Amanda Pope


        i'm amanda

        I am most inspired by photos that are oozing with emotion.

        Hello, I am Amanda! I am so stoked that you connected with my work and decided to take the step to learn more about my process and my packages.

        I will learn AS MUCH as humanly possible about you, so I only think its fair that I be just as vulnerable.

        I married the love of my life at 20 and wouldn't change one thing about it. He is my person, my joy, and my muse.

        When I am not shooting, I am a little old lady. Crocheting, reading books, baking, playing pickleball or working in my garden .You might think I am 65 but I am not haha! I love a Sunday nap and a cozy night in with my sweet man.

        I feel deeply. I love deeply. And I put my all into everything. I love beauty and I love seeing connections. I would read romance novels all night in my room and just cry my heart out! I was destined to document love and help write your story.

        the one behind the camera

        words from past clients ~

        "Amanda is one of those rare people that makes every session feel like you’re hanging out with your best friend. Not to mention, she’s insanely talented. Put your trust in her and her process and I can guarantee you’re going to come away with photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime."




        Sacramento Wedding Photographer


        Do you travel??

        Will we have to come with our own poses?

        How fast is turn around?

        Do you ever charge travel?

        What is your backup process??

        Will you give us guidance on timeline, ceremony lighting, and tips?

        What is your booking process??


        Absolutely!! Most of my session pricing includes travel within the Sacramento area and my wedding pricing includes some travel in Northern CA!!