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        Sacramento Wedding Photographer
        Engagement Photos in Big Sur, CA
        Engagement Photos in Big Sur, CA
        Engagement Photos in Big Sur, CA
        fun outdoor engagement photos

        if you are wanting timeless + unique wedding photos, you are in the right place.

        Sacramento Wedding Photographer

        A refreshing shift from trends and fluff to focusing on your love and your connections.

        Your story told with all the romance and love.

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        Sacramento Wedding Photographer


        i'm amanda

        I am most inspired by photos that are oozing with emotion.

        Photos that look like your favorite memory. The one time you sat in your car to watch the sunset but, end up talking for hours. Well past sunset. Your cheeks hurt from laughing and butterflies are going crazy in your tummy. Those are the memories I love. The simple. The sweet. The memories of how you fell in love and remembering why you fell in love.

        the one behind the camera

        words from past clients ~

        "Amanda is one of those rare people that makes every session feel like you’re hanging out with your best friend. Not to mention, she’s insanely talented. Put your trust in her and her process and I can guarantee you’re going to come away with photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime."

        Wedding photographer based in Sacramento, CA

        real moments

        do i travel?

        elopement in san francisco city hall
        wedding at a traditional chapel
        elopement in san francisco city hall

        Yes, I travel often and would love to make the journey to you, or to a destination!

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        Sacramento Wedding Photographer


        Do you travel??

        Will we have to come with our own poses?

        How fast is turn around?

        Do you ever charge travel?

        What is your backup process??

        Will you give us guidance on timeline, ceremony lighting, and tips?

        What is your booking process??


        Absolutely!! Most of my session pricing includes travel within the Sacramento area and my wedding pricing includes travel in Northern CA!!